Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spine Poncho Pattern is finally here!!

You may remember A while ago I asked for some help with a pattern that I came up with. After a little help from the ravelry community, I figured out how to chart this thing. The color came first, but after I uploaded the simple chart, people started to ask for the full poncho pattern.

Spine Poncho
 **A few people have had problems with Scribd  so I've decided to provide an alternative means of downloading. For those of you who would rather download from ravelry, the file is now posted there too**

This PDF is a diagrammed chart of the whole poncho. I don't want to write it out line by line because the pattern is very simple and easy to understand once you see it laid out. It's just a really big mitered piece.

For me, this was a stash buster, using up a bunch of yarn that was really warm and a bit itchy, good for a jacket type project. I never wrote down the yardage, so the file might be a little low on the amount needed of the main color.

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources right now to test this pattern before posting it, but I am sure any corrections or notes will be easily fixed once people start to make it. If you find one, just let me know in the comments section and I'll modify the file.


  1. Please take this off 'free patterns'. I would rather pay you directly than have to pay to get a free pattern on Scribd.

  2. I was unaware that Scribd was charging for this file, It will be up on ravelry as a free download by the end of the day. Anyone who does not want to register for ravelry or scribd can contact me about an email with the pattern attached.

  3. Im loving this pattern, so Im writing it out row by row in my notes on rav. feel free to add to your pattern if you feel like it. Great poncho!http://ravel.me/puggerhugger/sp

  4. Is that the blue and res one that I saw?

  5. sorry, no it is here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/puggerhugger/spine-poncho

  6. Oh, i see, thanks. that pdf pattern was a bit of a hot mess but its always good to see those early experiments still get made. Maybe you'll help more people do it, it would be a great shawl toooooo.


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